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    Coffee a day keeps a smile on my face. Went to my neighborhood coffee shop for a cup of one of the best pulls I’ve ever tasted. Of course my partner in crime @nova_brown snapped away. Hope you like!

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  • ikirejones:

    Ikiré Jones F/W ‘14 “Of Saints & Savages”

    Photography by Rog Walker.

    "To whom it may concern. This is a challenge to the zealously held belief that Africa is a monolithic village in need of perpetual saving. This is an open assault upon the delusions of those who cry endlessly of desolate stomachs and doorways darkened by disease. This is a public disavowing of all who think the cradle of civilization has nothing more to offer than unmolested raw materials and an army of open palms awaiting aid.

    Further, this is a disclaimer that upon becoming dissatisfied with the myriad fictions which are daily presented to us as fact, we have henceforth resolved to tell our own stories. Loudly. No longer will we dine on a bounty of half-baked biases. No more will we sip from hoses gushing hypocrisy and hogwash. There are those who look past Africa’s beauty in the hopes of seeing savagery; so that they may preen and posture as saints. We are the children of tomorrow. And we are here to assure that their disappointment awaits.”

    See more at ikirejones.com
    and please do not remove tags.
    this is our life and culture. not a hobby.
    we work for this.

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  • "Real love involves letting the fantasy of romantic love die of natural causes. Real love walks through heartache, loss, betrayal, survival, recovery, redundancies and many a revelation. Any relationship is only as good as its ability to go through the multitudes of mystical deaths, the many underworld journeys and all the forms we come into and grow out of during this life."
  • "My heart is an unmade bed;
    it might look messy, but I swear
    it’s a safe place to rest."
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    holy shit, autostraddle. kilt it. brought us back to (love) life.

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  • #freemarissa #prisonabolition #noselvestodefend #cafma

    wanna learn more? go here: www.chicagofreemarissa.wordpress.com

  • shameless, pt 2.

  • qwear:

    I’m excited to introduce Qwear’s updated site design! As a collective, the queer community and allies gather here to express our gender and fashion expression in order to better understand ourselves and each other. I’m here to create a platform to us to express our gender, sexuality, and culture through fashion. I hope you enjoy the new fluidity of the site and its features. As this if your platform too, please let me know if you feel there is anything missing or lacking.

    And don’t worry, the logo you see is temporary - that is also being updated as well!

    Forever yours,

    Sonny Oram

  • please explain

    why people who have never met me feel entitled to my time or attention?

    i owe you nothing.

  • saturday morning: vegan scramble + coffee + a lil valerie june + a lil poetry and mindfulness. 😌🙏